Whole Measures

Center for Whole Communities’ Whole Measures framework is a flexible framework for planning and evaluating that can be adapted to your community’s goals. When applied to a social or environmental change initiative, Whole Measures can serve as a foundation for a highly integrated, whole systems approach that effectively embraces a wide variety of values such as: social equity, biodiversity, human rights, ecosystem health, civic engagement, and economic vitality.

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Whole Measures is designed to:

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    Create Alignment: Help organizations align their program priorities, decision-making, resources, and activities with values and practices that contribute to healthy, whole communities.

  • Engage Dialogue: Elevate and inform dialogue within and across organizations on the relationship between healthy lands, healthy people, and healthy communities.
  • Support Collaboration: Create the foundation for more effective, reciprocal, and collaborative relationships, based upon a shared vision of success and common values.
  • Guide Program Evaluation: Support the development of program evaluation systems that allow organizations and communities to measure impacts qualitatively and quantitatively over time.
  • Measure Impact: Help organizations and change makers answer the question, “In what ways – positive or negative – do we affect the creation of whole communities? How can we measure those effects?”

For complete information about the Whole Measures including a downloadable guide visit the Whole Measures web site or download the guide.

Whole Measures for Community Food Systems

Whole Measures for Community Food Systems is the work of the Community Food Security Coalition (CFSC, no longer in operation), a planning and evaluation tool developed in partnership with members of CWC and others adapting the Whole Measures framework to food systems. CWC now stewards this work and offers training and technical assistance in its use. You can download Whole Measures for Community Food Systems: Values-Based Planning and Evaluation, written by Jeanette Abi-Nader, Adrian Ayson, Keecha Harris, Hank Herrera, Darcel Eddins, Deb Habib, Jim Hanna, Chris Paterson, Karl Sutton, and Lydia Villanueva published in September 2009.

In addition, CFSC published Stories from the Field a report that documents how Whole Measures for Community Food Systems (WM CFS) USDA grant to pilot WM CFS in communities and schools across the U.S. Download PDF.

The Whole Measures Workshop

A Collaboration with Interaction Institute for Social Change

“Practical, immediately useful tools for value-based leadership and values-based community action.” – Rob Schultz, Executive Director of COVER Vermont, 2012 Whole Measures Alumnus

This workshop experience combines learning the groundbreaking content of Whole Measures with the skills of design, planning and facilitation, transformational leadership, and the practice of dialogue. The workshop is delivered for a broad cross section of leaders and we also offer a workshops with a focus on Community Food Systems using the Whole Measures CFS tool.