Retreats and Trainings

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Whole Thinking Leadership Retreats and Trainings

Whole Thinking Retreats are multi-day residential programs that bring together leaders in the environmental and social change fields to find common ground, shared purpose and collective courage in tackling the major issues of our day.

Participants in a Whole Thinking Retreat can expect to:

  • Re-think their work together, in terms of whole systems and in terms of addressing root causes as opposed to symptoms;
  • Initiate values-based inquiries to better understand and communicate the values that hold them together and, later, inform better strategies and tactics;
  • Engage in a safe and productive dialogue about the roles of race, class, power and privilege in their work, and how to address injustices;
  • Rejuvenate their strength and wisdom through nurturing, reflective and creative practices that open the door for more authentic relationships, deeper dialogue and new ways of leading.

Retreats are attended by leaders from a broad range of professions: urban and rural conservationists, environmental justice advocates, community development practitioners, food security advocates, farmers, ranchers, faith-based activists, business people, biologists, writers, educators, elected officials, and many others. We bring them together to encourage them to ask questions of themselves and each other. Through that process, we help them see their work and potential in a new light.

Whole Measures Workshop

A Collaboration with Interaction Institute for Social Change

“Practical, immediately useful tools for value-based leadership and values-based community action.” — Rob Schultz, Executive Director of COVER Vermont, 2012 Whole Measures Alumnus

This workshop experience combines learning the groundbreaking content of Whole Measures with the skills of design, planning and facilitation, transformational leadership, and the practice of dialogue. The workshop is delivered for a broad cross section of leaders and we also offer a workshops with a focus on Community Food Systems using the Whole Measures CFS tool.