Update on Whole Thinking in Practice Retreat 2016


We are excited to welcome a group of 20 artists, designers, facilitators, professors, visionaries, and changemakers from all across the country for our Whole Thinking in Practice Retreat from Oct 14-19, 2016 in California.

Working in fields as varied as environmental justice, education, cultural competency, performing arts, youth empowerment, and coaching, these thought-leaders will unplug and spend 6 days in the beautiful oak-madrone forested hills of Boonville building relationships and dropping in to our core Whole Thinking Practices: awareness practice, dialogue, story-telling, creativity, and working with difference.

Some of the organizations represented include:
Balanced Rock Foundation
Climbing PoeTree
Culture Shift Agency
Education Outside
Metro, Regional Govt, Porland OR
The Million Person Project
NPS Stewardship Institute
Puget Sound Clean Air Agency
Rethink New Orleans
Tree People
Yale University

Together we will:
 Re-think our work together in terms of whole systems and in terms of addressing root causes as opposed to symptoms;
 Initiate value-based inquiries to better understand and communicate the values that hold us together and inform better strategies and tactics;
 Explore the roles of race, class, power, and privilege in our work, and how to address injustices;
 Rejuvenate our strength and wisdom through nurturing, reflective, and creative practices that open the door for more authentic relationships, deeper dialogue, and new ways of leading.

If you couldn’t make it this time, keep an eye out for our next Whole Thinking in Practice Retreat coming to the east coast in the spring of 2017!