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Bell Valley Retreat sits at the edge of a beautiful, remote valley in the hills of Anderson Valley in Northern California. The land’s original Native inhabitants were of the Pomo tribes. When white Europeans arrived for the gold rush, Bell Valley’s stewards grew hops for settlers.

Whole Thinking in Practice Oct. 14-19 2016 in California

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For over 10 years, Center for Whole Communities has equipped individuals and organizations with the courage, creativity, and resilience required to address some of the most complex social and environmental issues of our time.

We have found that the most effective way for people to learn and practice these transformational leadership skills is in the context of relationships – with other visionaries whose different perspectives can help us see new possibilities, and with the land, which can replenish and teach us in ways that are both tangible and mysterious.

Whole Thinking in Practice is an opportunity to spend six days in the company of other activists, artists, visionaries, changemakers, and leaders working on the front lines of environmental and social change while also nurturing yourself, slowing down, and replenishing amidst 600 beautiful acres of northern California hills.

Participants can expect to:
• Re-think their work together in terms of whole systems and in terms of addressing root causes as opposed to symptoms;
• Initiate value-based inquiries to better understand and communicate the values that hold them together and inform better strategies and tactics;
• Explore the roles of race, class, power, and privilege in their work, and how to address injustices;
• Rejuvenate their strength and wisdom through nurturing, reflective, and creative practices that open the door for more authentic relationships, deeper dialogue, and new ways of leading.

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