Our Breakthrough Campaign

buildingcommIn 2010 our board and staff put into motion a three-year Breakthrough Campaign (2010-2013) during which we raised $500,000 to intentionally enhance those parts of our work that have always been strong and transform that work to break new ground.

The Breakthrough Campaign support our efforts to:

  • Build new relationships with organizations in cities to model collaborative leadership and co-create new home places for whole communities work.
  • Invest in staff, board, and faculty training to transform into an effective intercultural organization and challenge our alumni with what we learn in the process.
  • Ensure that all the places we work are welcoming and inclusive to a diversity of people.
  • Identify and cultivate new faculty to help us deepen our support of alumni, and strengthen long-term impacts of our work.
  • Create entirely new formats for delivering our most sought-after programs to many more people and organizations.
  • Develop a fundamentally new approach to generating revenue that allows us to sustain all of the above long into the future.